urgence_01911 / E-911
What is the precise location of the caller ?

  • CA-VISION.E911 is a PC-based solution which allows an organization to interface with the public E-911 network.
  • CA-VISION.E911 translates the calling party identification information to ANI (Automatic Number Identification), providing detailed location information about the 911 caller or ALI (Automatic Location Identification), to the PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point).
  • Today’s workplace facilities, senior citizen residences, campuses, hotels, and other buildings are becoming ever larger and more complex. As a result, emergency services personnel are now facing a growing challenge in pinpointing crisis locations within the building or campus environment. In response, an increasing number of legislatures are mandating compliance to a set of guidelines


When 911 is dialed from a PBX station line, CA-VISION.E911 provides 911 operators with the caller’s name, telephone number, address, building, floor, room, extension, and medical history (if necessary) to improve emergency responsiveness.
In large facilities such as campuses and high-rise buildings, a single address might not be sufficient to locate a 911 caller.


If the phone line in your building is busy while dialling 911; other phone lines in use can be automatically disconnected to allow the 911 call to go through.

Call recording and monitoring with time/date stamp.

A 911 call can go immediately to the PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point), or can be directed temporarily to the facilities own security department for screening and immediate response.

Notifying on-site security personnel of a 911 call in progress; a: May be able to assist in rescue, b: Trained in CPR, c: Triage function, d: Escort EMS to victim caller, e: Clear traffic from area, f: Control crowd

Event notification methods for on-site personnel – radio pager, LED board, strobe light, printer (LAN, local and dial-up), instant messaging, audible alarm, voice call, group call.

Updating ALI (Automatic Number Identification); each (move, add and change, MACs) must be reflected in the public ALI database:

  • Automatically verifies that the transfers were received and correctly applied to the master database.
  • Maintains an historical log of these transactions.
  • Provides a history of all transactions and a solid audit trail.

Database Synchronization with other databases within your facility.

Database call logging

Manage information including medical history, campus, building, floor, room and extension.

Video camera placed near a telephone extension can be turned on automatically when a 911 call is placed.
Database information is kept confidential. (Employees cannot copy or reproduce this information). This information can be encrypted if desired.

Ensures the integrity of your ALI information by controlling and recording access with a “login ID and time/date” stamp including: Unlimited administrator access, Definable user access
Improve security with photo identification

Maintain centralized employee information by individual, department and company levels.
Critical system redundancy.


Area code, Community, Company, Event log, External location file report, location report, Transfer history report, user report